The Right to Housing

Fuels our imagination as a foundation

The "Healthy Habitat" program aims to make people aware of the fact that housing is more than a social right.

Our aim is to promote and develop a clear commitment between environmental conservation and sustainability: a natural habitat involving architecture, construction, urban planning, landscaping and architectural heritage recovery.

Our goal is to combine awareness architecture, healthy buildings and respect for the environment. This is a life’s opportunity, nurtured by sharing moments with the group that allows you to grow as a person helping others, cooperating with everyone and reaching consensus that impacts the entire community.

Current models of urban planning and housing development, and the traditional home ownership model, are becoming obsolete. Cohousing poses a viable alternative to this outdated dichotomy because collaborative housing projects are developed by groups of people who want to live in the neighbourhood, combining private homes with community areas and various sustainability criteria that depend on the interests of the group.

It is now up to us to make it happen. Here and at home.

How it works

Informing and raising awareness of people’s rights which go beyond public regulations and politics. Housing encompasses far more than the four walls and roof of a house and it must not be considered as a mere real estate investment.

  • Awareness days
  • Television programs
  • Dissemination on social media
  • Support and participation of groups and associations

Creating tools to put our ideas into action such as:

  • "Cohousing Barcelona" housing cooperative
  • Habitat 8 Impulse program "Housing Pool"
  • Collaboration with other foundations and cooperatives
  • Creation of a service cooperative integrating all aspects of the habitat