We care about common-good projects, the social economy and fundamental rights in a just and free society.

Our Values

The defence and dissemination of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights inspires the work of the Habitat 8 Impuls Foundation which is trying to ensure that everyone can enjoy the rights that derive from it. Under this premise, our FOUNDATION was born in 1998 with the commitment of its representatives to subscribe to these principles.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that the recognition of human dignity by all people is the foundation of justice and peace in the world and asserts that non-compliance of human rights has led to acts of barbarism that have outraged humanity. The following freedoms (freedom of expression, of belief and worship and freedom to live without misery or fear), are proclaimed as the ultimate aspiration of people.

The Declaration also claims that in order to avoid forcing people into rebellion against tyranny, human rights must be protected by the rule of law. Human rights are related to the development of friendly relations between nations and to the Charter of the United Nations which reaffirms faith in fundamental human rights and the dignity and worth of human beings.

It furthermore underlines that all members of the United Nations have committed themselves to ensuring, in cooperation with the United Nations, the promotion of universal respect and observance of human rights and fundamental freedoms. And finally the Declaration states that "a common concept" of rights and freedoms is of “utmost importance” for the complete realization of this commitment.

Our Aims

Improvement of the human and living conditions.

Enhancement of the environment, neighbourhoods and villages as spaces for coexistence and relationships as well as cities and towns as liveable, friendly, ecologically sustainable and culturally active places.

Universal access to political, social, economic and cultural rights as well as education and culture leading to a wider awareness of people’s rights.

Dissemination and universalization of culture.

Opening up of society towards innovation, culture, right of expression, creativity and critical capacity.

Recognition, defence and dissemination of cultural diversity, the exchange of knowledge, the preservation of languages and encouraging their study and social and political recognition.

The promotion, dissemination and recognition of Catalan culture.

Cultural cooperation and exchange with all peoples with common cultural roots, objectives and geographical areas.

Promotion of the productive economy and the third sector as well as social economy and cooperatives.

Housing promotion in all its diversity.