Promotion of Cohousing

Our foundation supports housing coops and the implementation of the right-of-use model and community land trusts within the new cooperative environment.

Habitat Observatory

To facilitate interdisciplinary, transversal and deep reflection on the habitat in order to create new knowledge and denounce social problems in this field.

Healthy Habitat

We combine awareness architecture, healthy housing and respect for the environment.

Habitat TV

Multidigital communication channel, which reflects on the relationship between apparently disconnected aspects such as conservation, urban planning, development, architecture, landscape or heritage recovery.


Housing Pool

We promote the creation of housing with a special emphasis on vulnerable and special needs users.

Ethic Funding

Cooperative of ethical and solidarity financial services to contribute to the positive social transformation of our economy and our society in the world of housing, understanding that housing is an inalienable human right and not a business.

Projects to reflect


LEILANI FARHA, Global director of The Shift and former United Nations Special Rapporteur on the right to housing

DAVID MADDEN, Co-Director of the London School of Economics Cities Program

The Foundation

We care about common-good projects, the social economy and fundamental rights in a just and free society.

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